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This chant opened the gate to the Thirteenth Realm Legend has it there was once a beautiful young woman named Maria.

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She was cast aside when her husband decided he no longer loved her. In a fit of rage, Maria drowned the 2 people her husband loved more than anyone, her children.

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Once she realized what she had done, she was no longer able to live with herself, and let the current of the river sweep her away. In her afterlife, she was forbidden to enter through the pearly gates, without the 2 children she drowned, by her side.

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Stuck between the land of the living and the dead, La Llorona spends eternity weeping and looking for her lost children. She scrapes the bottom of the rivers and lakes, searching for her children and will take any child she sees. Hold your children tight and be faithful of heart or the Woman in White might take you to join her search.

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Become intimate with a 1. Japan, and more.


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