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The collaboration with J. Crew set off a wave of breathless press, with Haney—her taste, her charisma, her sunny good looks—always at the center. Every day, for lunch, she went to the nearby Sweetgreen, where she eventually struck up a conversation with a man she always saw there.

Haney began sending crop tops and leggings to their wives and girlfriends, ahead of meetings. Responses brightened. In the fall of , Haney moved the company to Austin, taking thirty-four employees with her. The employees at H. My visit in February coincided with a tree-planting expedition. About twenty of us drove a short distance to a trail that borders Lady Bird Lake, a reservoir on the Colorado River.

We gathered around blue buckets and tall shovels as a woman from the Trail Foundation, which OV sponsors, demonstrated how to plant saplings of Carolina buckthorn and Texas redbud. The saplings would take fifteen years to become sizable, she said, and only thirty per cent of them would manage to become trees.

She leaned in close to observe the tree-planting technique.

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Then she planted three times as many trees as anyone else. Bandier defenders responded by noting that Piet Mondrian invented color-blocking, not OV. Male customers have been overlooked lately, Haney told me, but new merchandise will be coming out for them later in the year. In truth, men, particularly straight men, do not have the same incentives for improving and displaying themselves in the ways that athleisure encourages. The world of Instagram influencers is the rare professional sphere in which women seem to consistently outearn men.

Haney and Wystrach began dating late last spring, after Haney sent Wystrach a message on Instagram. A few months ago, they bought a house together.

The OV office operates on a healthy Austin schedule, emptying out by 5 P. A friendly brown dog named Lupa wandered between mats. As had been the case during the tree planting, I appeared to be the only non-white person in the group. After the workout, I walked around the office and spotted handwritten valentines from Haney on several desks. The company has an internal app called Hearts and Stars, which asks you to make a note in the app when you engage in an activity—playing pickup basketball, riding your bike, meditating—and assigns you a star, if you do it alone, or a heart which is worth more points if you do it with a friend.

Once the employees have collectively accumulated a certain number of hearts and stars, the office gets a reward. Many of the employees are friends. They also told me a story about how, on the new V. Juice sat in my lap and nipped at my hair tie. We were headed back to Lady Bird Lake—Haney jogs there most mornings. I really found joy in that.

I love to work, I guess. As we walked along the trail, Juice zipping around our feet, I asked Haney if she had ever felt that her exuberance and receptivity, in concert with her age and gender, led people to misconstrue the seriousness of her professional intentions.

This was a personal inquiry, I admitted; I sometimes worried, while reporting, that my bubbliness obscured the part of me that was critical. Outdoor Voices is one of a few highly visible, female-centered, life-style-adjacent, digital-savvy millennial brands built around a charismatic founder and her story.

Other such companies include the cosmetics outfit Glossier, the fashion retailer Nasty Gal, the dating app Bumble, and the Wing, a chain of co-working spaces. Haney is friendly with the founders of each of those companies. We walked four miles, then drove to Casa de Luz, a macrobiotic restaurant in a hippie community center which serves a daily cafeteria-style meal. Haney said that it reminded her of Boulder.

We had mugs of twig tea and plates of green-bean-and-avocado tacos and Swiss chard with tahini. I told Haney that my takeaway from the success of her cohort was more about what we expect and want from young women. Advantages for women tend to harden into requirements. The careers of very successful millennial women, from Haney to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are often inseparable from their ability to engage large online audiences in a personal way. All of the women whom we were talking about, I ventured, are beautiful. All of them give perfect interviews. The women Haney mentioned had all built companies on a foundation of female confidence, creating brands that imbued personal identity with an aspirational sheen.

Haney nodded, absorbing and refracting. She told me that she had been weighing both the utility and the risks of confidence, for a young founder, and the complications of displaying that confidence online.

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How am I not unintentionally making people feel worse about themselves? Everyone would get to reap the benefits of their U. Haney told me that investor expectations can become a problem. Keep your papers organized in your bag or locker. Depending on your school, you might have to carry your papers with you, or you might be able to store them in your locker. At the end of each class, make sure you have all of your papers organized in your bag, or make a stop at your locker to put them in a safe place to take home.

If you have to carry your books and papers, get a folder specifically for papers that you need to take home to avoid dropping or losing them. Remember to put them in a safe place, and write down a reminder for yourself in your planner to get them signed.

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Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Samantha L. If you're nervous, try coping strategies, like deep breathing. When you feel anxious, breath in through your mouth for 5 seconds, and then exhale through your nose for 7 seconds. Repeat this until you're feeling more relaxed. If you need to, don't be afraid to excuse yourself to go somewhere private, like a restroom, to gather your thoughts and calm down.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful If you're a new student and get bullied on your first day, go to the school counselor after class and ask if you can talk to them.

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Let them know that you're new at the school and tell them what happened. They'll be able to help you find a solution and avoid bullying to make your transition to the new school easier. How do I survive the first day at a public school after being in private school for 10 years? Making the transition from private school to public school can definitely seem scary. In general, private and public schools are pretty much the same, but public schools have less structure than private school. For example, you might have worn a uniform to school, but now you'll be able to pick your own clothes. On the first day, introduce yourself to your teachers, and say hi to people who you sit by in class.

Spend the first day focusing on learning where your classes are and how the school day is set up, and then work on making friends for the rest of the year.

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Not Helpful 4 Helpful 8. What if all my friends are in different classes and I don't have lunch with them? Try talking to your friends before classes start, and then make your way to class. Once you're there, talk to the people around you, and look for anyone in the class who you know from last year. Don't be afraid to smile and wave if you recognize them. During lunch, look around for people who you know, and ask them if you can sit with them. If they say yes, take a seat and make friends with anyone who you don't know. If they say no, look for another table to sit at.

Most people are more than happy to make a new friend! Not Helpful 2 Helpful 8.