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This gymnast shot to wider consciousness on American Ninja Warrior, completing the course. A little Saturday night gym sesh! A post shared by kacycatanzaro kacycatanzaro on Mar 5, at pm PST.

Nicola Adams has now turned pro after a hugely successful amateur career and is currently in a race with her partner and fellow boxer Marlen Esparza to a world title. Rachel Brathen is an entrepreneur, writer and yogi. She produces a brilliant weekly podcast as well as recipes, her thoughts on breastfeeding and pregnancy, and yoga tutorials. A great account for fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching with a holistic approach. Since becoming a mother Jennifer Nash Forrester now also offers online training, composing workout routines and nutrition plans.

This is why so many women lose themselves in motherhood. I encourage every mom to practice some form of self-care as often as possible because in the long run it will benefit your family. Tag a workout buddy below!

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Krystal Cantu is the extraordinary Texan CrossFit athlete who found guidance and confidence through the sport after losing her forearm in a car accident. I used to give film crews what they wanted to see and hear.

They wanted weight thrown in the air, they wanted to hear that I had no fear and they wanted what looked good for the camera. It was difficult to figure out who you were as a person when inside you were one thing but on the outside you were what they portrayed you as. I made a promise to myself to not let that happen anymore.

"Seeking Growth: Dancers are Athletes" - a K&M mini-doc

If I wanted to talk about my real life, I did. Sometimes we look up to these people on social media and never know the real them. I want you guys to know the real me. The real struggles.

Bone health in female ballet dancers: a review

The real shit that goes down day to day. After games and goals for the U. Among her roles today, she is an ambassador for Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organisation dealing with tackling homophobia and transphobia in sports. Hands down. Ho was widely praised for her viral video response to the body shaming that she has experienced. Testing out partner yoga poses with jackelynho and trying really hard not to fall in the pool! Lizzie is the Californian professional skateboarder with a particular love for verticals and bowls. Her account features incredible pictures and videos of her outstanding skill set.

Rough Cut is up on ThrasherMag. Lauren took up CrossFit as a year-old to help with her basketball. Understandably, as a CrossFit athlete, her skills and strengths are varied, but Lauren is truly at her best when weightlifting.

30 Incredible Female Athletes to Follow on Instagram

TBT to that one time garretmfisher and I teamed up with beatsbydre before Games last year. She was a UK champion at the age of 14 and has spent her time since traveling the world on her board. An account for adrenaline seekers. Check out spectacular locations and incredible stunts. Having fun!

Pro surfer Alana has won plenty of championships on the tour, particularly in her native Hawaii. She also designs and models swimwear and surf specific wetsuits for Rip Curl.

Her account is pure wanderlust. Baker, Stacy T. Nutritional Needs of the Female Athlete. ScienceDaily, 25 March University of Otago. Detrimental effect of overlooking female athletes' nutritional needs. Retrieved October 7, from www. Female Menstrual Cycle in a Dish Mar. It could eventually change the future of research and treatment of diseases in Researchers continue to discover Below are relevant articles that may interest you.

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