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Introduction to Molecular Genetics IV. Epithelial Tissues III. Connective Tissue IV. Muscle Tissue V. Nerve Tissue VI. Skull III.

Human Biology Laboratory Manual

Vertebral Column V. Ribs and Sternum VI. Appendicular Skeleton VII.

Muscle Assignment 1 III. Muscle Assignment 2 IV. Muscle Assignment 3 V. Composition of Blood III. Determination of Hematocrit IV. Observation of Formed Elements in the Blood V. Platelets and Clotting VII. Heart Rate Measurement Ill. Heart Sounds IV. Blood Pressure V.

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Heart Anatomy III. Circulatory System in Humans IV.

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Heart Physiology Review Questions V. Respiratory System Anatomy VI.

Urine Analysis III. Anatomy of the Urinary System IV. Microscopic Examination of the Kidney V. Procedure II.

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Introduction III. The Brain IV.

Spinal Cord V. Sensation III. Hearing IV. Introduced by an explanation of the principles involved, the step-by step protocols are complemented by personal notes and precautions, specifying the reagents used and various appendices on basic and specific requirements for laboratory exercises on pollen.

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